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“…Photography is an art of observation…it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” ~ Elliott Erwitt

Visual Artistry -  a unique photography workshop for those who want to cultivate the art of making beautiful photographs.

Great photographs are not shot - they are made. And this 2-weekend course teaches you just that - the process and tools to 'make' a photograph right from the idea to print. It arms you with the necessary concepts and ideas you need to create a good photograph. The Visual Artistry course helps you study photography as a medium to express the unsaid and to explore the interesting in the ordinary...
The workshop is for those who wish to begin learning photography as well as for those that have already begun but have questions about the best way forward

What does the Visual Artistry workshop cover?
The workshop includes:
-     Classroom sessions with practical exercises that help you grasp the aesthetic as well as technical concepts of photography.
-     Outdoor session to practice the concepts and theory that has been taught in class.

Course Curriculum:
- What makes a good photograph, a study of 
the most important elements of a photograph and how to include those in your pictures.
- Mastering your camera so you can focus on the photograph you are making.   
- Study into 'photogrammar' and the science of exposure
-  Application of this knowledge to different genres in photography – portraits (adults & kids ), nature and landscapes, night photography, architecture or food photography
- Digital workflow
- Post processing of pictures: How to and how much (or less) to edit your pictures.
- Creating a portfolio of pictures, photo storage, printing.

The next Visual Artistry workshop will take place on the following dates:  (to be announced)

Charges:INR 4500/-

How to register:

Whatsapp me on +91-9833900157 or email me on kthakur@gmail.com  to register or if you have questions.

Who am I?
Husband, photographer, trainer, theater enthusiast. I love taking photographs and I love to teach. 

My tryst with photography began almost 14 years ago when I picked up a 3 megapixel point and shoot camera that made some really nice pictures. I was hooked! Many years and camera gear later, I have reached a stage where I enjoy it even more. It has been a great feeling to be invited to photograph friends, family and later strangers some of whom turned friends. Photography also allowed me to connect with another passion I live with - teaching. It's a feeling of immense satisfaction when my students 'see' and translate their vision into a beautiful photograph. 

Join me on a journey of 'seeing' and capturing the fleeting moment for eternity. 

More about me here.